a hard day

Into the mountains.
I have to say, it was a day with great weather and landscape. But especially the latter comes with a price. And now, sitting at the table at the campground, after a good dinner - it was all not so hard ... ;-)

The first 20km, I followed mostly an old Railway track next to a (storage) lake. This was flat.

It did start to climb just after the local man told me, it is more or less little up and down. After a minor climb at the beginning. It seems like the beginning was about 30km and counting.

The last 10km were for me very exhausting. If I would have find a place with a bed, I would have taken it, regardless of the price.

In the end, I found a nice campground and the owner made me the special bicyclist dinner.


  1. Mensch Klaus, es gab Zeiten da hast Du nicht so gejammert! ;-) Denk dran, immer beißen und Abends dann ein Bierchen!!!!


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