Nice ride to Abrantes

Today, I met Sean from Devon, GB. He started in Faro, at the Southern coast of Portugal and will ride his pushbike home.

Following the river Tejo is not like following a river in Central Europe. The road is not always close to the stream. It is more that the river and I am following the same direction. And I know that only from looking at the maps. Today I say him once, at the end, when I crossed over to the northern bank. 

The very try landscape changes slowly, I see more green now. 

My place for the night is the Youth Hostel of Abrantes. It's not exactly in the town center, but I like to visit them at least once on a trip.  


  1. Da sind es ja nur noch knapp 150km. Warst Du denn wenigstens mal im Rio Tejo baden? Noch eine gute Fahrt heute und viel Spaß!!!!


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