On tour! Finally - and with my lugguage

Today at 1pm, my bag with all my cycling and camping gear came. A parcel company delivered it to my hostel. What a happy moment!

It took me only 30 minutes to bring all the stuff to the correct position, where I expect it. My routine after many trips.

What a feeling seeing my trustful Fahrrad Manufaktur T900 in its travelling dress. I remember very well the moment in Villarica, Chile, when I wrote my favorite towns, I visited by bike on my black backrollers. The white marker has been faded away by the sun, but with some fantasy you can guess the names.

At home, I figured out the route for that trip mostly with Google Maps and ridewithgps.com. It looks good on paper (screen) but in reality, theses beautiful lines often are bad roads. No pavement is one thing, but sand and big holes are another.
The weather is great in summer in central Spain. Beautiful blue skies and sun. Sun! Lots of it! It was up to 35’ C. The weather forecast tells me that it may touch the 40'. I donormally cope pretty good with the heat. In South-East-Asia I could stand it (thanks to occasional visits of ice cold air conditioned 7-eleven).

The final destination for today is Aldea del Fresno, just 60km west of Madrid. I planned to go a little further but I was done and this only Hotel in the region was too tempting.

Anyway, tomorrow, I will enter the mountains. I am looking foreword to it.


  1. Juhu, endlich geht es los! Genieß mal heute Abend ein schönes kühles Cerveza auf den Start!


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