breakfast: café con leche, zumo de naranja and the Müsli (I brought myself and hatd to mix with my miss-buy Yogurt with 0% (taste I guess)). 
At 8:15 it was still not hot, so I hat a couple of comfortable hours. 

The region is sparsely inhabited. Lots of olive trees and many pigs.

The border crossing to Portugal was unspectacular. I crossed the very basic 'bridge' and missed the Portuguese Flags. Not even a sign. Actually I have not seen any sign of the new country till I reached my destination for tonight, and that was about 65km.

Climbing up from the border, I hit temperature high-score for this trip.

The Portuguese People were helpful and very friendly


  1. Wow, neues Land, ist ja fast wie Mittelamerika und 41 Grad waren dort auch. Na auf jeden Fall viel Spaß in Portugal. Freunde von uns sind gerade dort unterwegs, es ist sehr schön!!!!


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