Rio Tejo

Today, I crossed the biggest river of Portugal: Tejo. Its source is deep in Spain. I will somehow follow this stream until I reach Lisbon.

I met my first traveling cyclists. Always a happening. We stop and talk about the road condition, the weather, where to stay and the gear. Two Portuguese cyclists and a Dutch couple who where doing a big  round  in Portugal where also suffering in the heat.

I have plenty of time for the remaining 250km, so I called it a day after 50km and sat with the locals at the main plaza. The Beere that is been served here is good. And cheap. In the pub, the small bottle is only 0,75 €.

I am going to take my time on the remaining way with relaxing almoço (lunch break) wherever I am at noon.


  1. Wow, nur noch 250km! Das schaffste ja theoretisch an einem Tag. Da kannst Du Dir aber nun wirklich Zeit lassen. Hab übrigens mal gehört, der Portwein in Portugal soll richtig gut sein!!!!


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