Still in Madrid - waiting for my luggage

Iberia Airlines could not find my lost bag, which has all my cycling gear. So I had to wait and prepare for at least one more night in Madrid. Just this time, I wanted not to sleep at the ground again. My bike is not up to cycling, as I cannot fully assemble it without my tools, especially these skews with a security lock. So, I took a train into town.

Finding a place to stay was my next adventure. The prices for hotel rooms where not as crazy as yesterday when the cheapest room was 500€ per night (no joke). The first hostel, I found downtown, was good. 30€ with shared bathroom is ok. Just after I fetched the bike from the airport, the owner "I am the boss"  had rent the room to another person and pushed me harsh out of his place. My next try was via A room for 30€. Ok - booked. Just on the confirmation mail it says: "bunkbed in women room".

Thank you! Cancelling was possible - just for the full price. These a these days... Ok, I am not 19 years anymore - the next good hotel that had one single room left but wanted 170€. One more try brought me to Hostel Tirania - 40€, baño privado - I am back on the good side. After a small nap, I met my former colleague Jesus, who lives near Madrid and works for a Spanish bank. He showed me around. We saw the big celebrations of Real Madrid which had just won the Champions League.

Jesus invited me for a beere at the Madrid Ritz and we had a nice dinner in the old town.

Today, I spend a relaxing day in Madrid and bought some clothes, as the only things I have starting to show there usage (I hope only visually;-)

Now it is 11:30pm and according to Iberia, my luggage was found and should be now in Madrid. If everything runs well, I will be able to start tomorrow.


  1. Hallo Klaus,

    na das ist ja ein prima Start. ;-) Hoffentlich kommt heute alles an, damit Du endlich Kilometer radeln kannst! Wird schon alles gut werden!

    Viele Grüße aus MS


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